A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A story about revenge as the main character, Kyoto, seeks the killer of his family and his mentor. Fighting against monsters, hunters, and demons, Kyoto will stop at nothing to get his revenge. However, will meeting new people and helping others change his mind?

This is a game derived from the manga Demonic. Its an alternate version of the manga so you should read the manga once it comes out. We want to use this as a way to promote the manga. This is part one of the game, there will be three or four parts.Have Fun! If you have any suggestions or comments please message us on Facebook.

Make sure to check out our manga, Demonic!


For added game experience and time spent playing, we recommend you talk to everybody!

Install instructions

Run the program, I have checked it to be safe.

Extract the files to a document of your choice.

Find the folder named "Demonic".

In it, find "Game".

Ta Da! You can now enjoy the game!


Demonic.exe 387 MB